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Looking for a property or finance related calculator? We have got you covered. Below you can find a wide range of calculators that can help you to determine things like how much equity you can access in your home, how much your loan repayments are likely to be, how much stamp duty you can expect to pay, what extra repayment will do to your loan and much more. 

Home Equity Calculator

Equity calculator

Find out how much equity you could access from your existing property.

Repayment Calculator

Home loan repayment calculator

Find out how much your home or investment loan repayments will actually.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Stamp duty calculator

See how much stamp duty your new home or investment property is going to attract.

Extra Repayments Calculator

Extra Repayment Calculator

Want to pay your mortgage off sooner? Work out how much regular repayments will save you in time and interest.

Offset Calculator

Offset Calculator

Thinking about using an offset account? Use our calculator to see if the benefit outweighs the costs.

SMSF Borrowing Calculator

SMSF Borrowing Simulator

Before you start to make inquiries about SMSF investment properties, see if you have enough in your super to actually make a purchase.

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Our lending team are experts at helping you to structure your loans in a way that will help you to pay your home off sooner, while also achieving your investment goals and ambitions.

First Home Buyers

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Those looking for your first home, we can help you to navigate government incentives, grants and concessions. We can also help you to find a brand new property through our network of builders and developers.

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