Terrace properties are similar in nature to townhouses. They offer an affordable, low maintenance investment option with a lower entry price than a single-family home, and with far less property maintenance required due to the smaller footprint of the property.

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No Strata

Unlike purchasing a townhouse or apartment, a terrace is often regarded as a house. 

This means that you will own the freehold land without needing to pay body corporate fees for the maintenance of shared communal spaces. – they are generally Torrens titled. 

This means gardens, staircases and courtyards will belong to you and not the overall development.

Highly Desirable

Trend on point

Compact, low consumption living is something that is highly attractive to young professionals who want to rent a property that is affordable, stylish and also reduces their overall environmental footprint. 

This makes terraces a perfect property for someone looking to attract a high calibre of tenant.

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The property

Inner City CHarm anywhere.

For many years now terraces have been highly sought after properties in inner-city suburbs, a trend that is certainly resurfacing. 

Developers have recently been looking to fill this gap in the market. Homeowners and investors can now own small and desirable, non strata titled properties. 

These terrace style properties will surely lead to future demand and capital growth in areas where this living and investment option had not been present in any significant way. 

We firmly believe that investors and owner occupiers alike will get decades of value out of this type of property, which is currently going through a renaissance period.

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