Single family homes

Over 70% of all properties in Australia are single-family, stand-alone homes. This makes them the most common option for families and investors by far. Single-family homes can be an excellent investment for those with $140,000 or more of available equity in their family home or other investment properties that they can use to help with an additional purchase. 

On this page we have tried to provide useful information that someone thinking about buying a single family home can use when trying to make an informed decision. If you are ready to get a property investment plan in place be sure to let us know so that we can show you how we can help.

Investment Profile

Capital Growth

Stand-alone homes can experience faster capital growth at various points through the property cycle when compared to other styles of property. 

This is often thanks to the larger land component associated with this type of investment and higher desirability for growing families/upsizers.


more land, but also more maintenence.

Given the larger footprint of this type of property, there is often a higher level of upkeep required when compared to strata-titled or terrace styles of property. 

This should not put off would-be investors as the benefits will almost certainly outweigh the costs in the long-run. 

We can put you in touch with property manager who will get this all ironed out and running smoothly so you don’t have to lift a finger.

mortgage repayment strategies


Cost vs benefit

Thanks to historically low-interest-rate environment many single-family investment properties have the ability to pay for themselves without any input from their investors. 

Many options that we have access to will comfortably provide rental yields of 4.5% or greater. In many cases this can be more than 1% higher than the cost of borrowing, meaning that you could see positive cash flow benefits from day one. 

This means you will be exposed to capital growth potential while earning passive income that you can use to pay for whatever life has in store.


Also, feel free to try our home equity calculator to see how much money you could access from your home if thats the road you would like to take in order to build your investment portfolio.

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If a single-family home sounds like the type of investment that you and your family would like to explore please feel free to book a call with our team so that we can start the conversation with you. On a quick phone call we can help determine your current equity position, borrowing capacity, and we can start to discuss potential loan structuring. We can also help you in choosing a property thats going to deliver on your expectations over the long run.