Dual Key Properties

Dual key properties are becoming more and more popular amongst investors because it allows them to own 1 property containing two income-producing dwellings. This can help to boost the rental yield that you can earn from the property, while also decreased total vacancy! 

This type of property is a cost-effective purchase option when compared to purchasing 2 separate properties, often coming in only slightly more expensive than a single dwelling with a similar number of bedrooms.


What are the benefits?

Owning a dual key property can be a great investment for many reasons. Firstly as an investor, you can expect more than a 5% rental return providing you chose the location wisely. Couple this with the low interest rates you can borrow at these days, and you soon understand how this type of property can provide you with hundreds of dollars of positive cash flow every week. 

Imagine what you could do with $200 extra in your pocket each week. You could pay you home mortgage off quicker, enjoy this passive income to fund your lifestyle, or use these funds to keep building your investment portfolio. Having 2 seperate tenants can also help to spread risk of vacancy, provide diversification and better long-term returns.

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Dual Key Property


How do they work?

Typically a dual key property is made up of a 3-4 bedroom main house with 1-2 bedroom secondary dwelling. The secondary dwelling has its own kitchen, bathroom and laundry. 

Each dwelling is accessed through its own door. The only things shared between tenants include the driveway and a fireproof, acoustic common wall.

This means that tenants have total privacy over their property. 

The layout to the left is a good example of a typical dual key investment property. 

They can come in many other configurations including those with double garages, various bedrooms and living areas and backyard sizes. Based on your budget and the type of block we are able to source we will have a good idea of what’s possible.

Join hundreds of satisfied customers

If you have strong cash savings or a good equity position in your home or other investment properties and would like to see if a dual key property could work for you, be sure to book a call with our team so that we can work with you to determine what is possible. 

On a quick phone call we can help determine your borrowing capacity, and we can start to discuss potential loan structuring. We can also help you in choosing a property thats going to deliver on your expectations over the long run.