If you are thinking about investing in Queensland property, you have started your journey in the right place. Queensland is home to more than 5 million residents at present. 

This figure is expected to grow significantly over the coming years. This is thanks to natural increase as well as interstate and international migration. 

Interstate migration continues to be driven by lower costs of living, better housing affordability and competitive incomes.  The Queensland state government has committed to a significant amount of long-term infrastructure spend to help provide for the demands of a rapidly growing population. 

The next few decades will see these plans come to fruition and potentially deliver capital growth for investors looking to deploy funds for the long-term.

Annual Gross Domestic Product
$349 billion p.a
 Approximately 19% of Australia’s total GDP 
5.1 million

Median Household income $73k


34.2% of population renting

Brisbane as an investment location


A More affordable city.

When compared to the other major capital cities on the eastern seaboard, Brisbane property prices are far more affordable. They arguably represent great value for savvy investors.

Brisbane offers investors the ability to buy property within a short distance to the CBD at prices that aren’t even achievable in the outer rings of its southern relatives. 

Given that prices are lower and income is generally on par or stronger as a result of lower living costs compared to Melbourne and Sydney, its easy to see how rental yields have held up a lot better in this city.

Brisbane Growth Areas

Current Development.

Just like in Sydney and Melbourne the general trend for Brisbane property has been to build upwards. As a result we have seen large amounts of high rise construction over the past 10 years or so, bringing in a significant amount of new investor driven supply to the market. This means that the Brisbane market can expect to continue to grow but at a potentially more modest rate until supply has been consumed. This is not to say that this is not a fantastic market to invest in, but rather expect a slightly slower growth rate over the next 18 months, and potentially focus more on stand alone housing as opposed to units.

Brisbane City Construction
Brisbane road infrastructure

Urban Sprawl

45 minutes to the City.

If you are thinking about investing in Queensland you will be pleased to know that just like Sydney and Melbourne there are areas outside of the capital city that are making waves in investor circles. 

Thanks to huge government support in future planning and infrastructure, South East Queensland is very well connected. 

This means that regardless of your budget you could buy property from the Gold Coast to Ipswich and have the peace of mind that your investment will easily attract tenants.

Urban Sprawl

Current Development areas.

With more than $45 billion worth of infrastructure projects rolling out over 20 years, there is a huge amount of activity occurring across South East Queensland. 

The State Government has high expectations in terms of population growth and economic activity. As a result it has worked hard in attracting developers to satisfy the future demands of both residents and investors moving into the future.

Areas of interest include Burpengary, Caboolture & Morayfield north of Brisbane. Broader Ipswich including Ripley, Springfield Lakes and Redbank Plains. Areas south of Brisbane including  Richlands, Park Ridge and Bahrs Scrub. Gold Coast also contains several attractive lifestyle options in areas including Coomera and Pimpama.

Queensland Investment Areas

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